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What's new in 0.6.0

Chrome extension

This release brings the following updates:

Smart/manual repetition mode switch

From the very beginning, Rememberry used a so-called "smart repetition mode" - based on your "recalling difficulty answer" (Easy / Normal / Hard) and certain other parameters, a special algorithm calculates the time interval that should pass before the flashcard will need to be repeated. (Learn more on Spaced Repetition Method wiki). The motivation behind using this method is to allow you to spend as little time repeating the flashcards as possible, while efficiently persisting your knowledge.

We still recommend using this repetition method, and we keep it as a default, but we also heard your feedback, and now adding an option that allows you to switch between "smart" and "manual" modes.

While in "smart" mode you are not able to repeat flashcards that are not yet available (time interval after the last repetition has not passed yet), in "manual" mode you can repeat all your flashcards whenever you want. Note that you can always switch back to "smart" mode.

Learning/translating in a separate tab

Flashcards repetition sessions might get long, and keeping Rememberry popup open for the whole session duration might be suboptimal, e.g. you might need to switch to another tab.

To address this, we've added an ability to open Rememberry page in a separate tab.

It has the same functionality as the popup version (including the translation screen), and you can keep it open as long as you need, without worrying about losing the progress.

Other updates
  • Removed "Shift" as a trigger key modifier. It proved to be problematic.

  • For web developers: if for any reason in-page translation doesn't work as intended for your specific use cases/sites during development, you can now completely turn off the "in-page translation" feature. This disables all Rememberry code/UI injections to the pages that you visit/work on. (For more in-depth translation you can still use the translation via the popup)

  • Bug fixes



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