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What's new in 0.7.0

Chrome extension

Changes in the Card Review Process

In the new version, if you're using "smart repetition mode", flashcards become available at 6 AM on the day they are scheduled for review, rather than at arbitrary times throughout the day. This change allows you to dedicate a more controlled and personalized time for reviewing cards, making it possible to review all due cards in one session.

Enhancements to the Listening Mode

Now, if you want to see the pronounced text before opening the answer, it's possible to click on the blurred version of it.

Also, it's now possible to use "reverse mode" in Listening Mode by enabling "Reverse mode" toggle in the main screen.

Other updates

  • Now, within the Cards table (accessible via Settings > Decks menu), you can view the countdown (in days) indicating the time remaining before each card becomes available for repetition.

  • Migrated extension to Manifest V3. Now Rememberry benefits from improved performance, enhanced security, and better resource management.

  • Bug fixes.


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